unity 3d student

Essentials E09 – Cameras

How the game view is defined by cameras, positioning them and controlling them.

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    I have NO experience with game development and just got done with your intro series. Thank you.
    It took all of an hour to view your lessons and play with what you were talking about (along with a snack). I have to say that I had been putting off learning Unity mainly due to the size of the other tutorials that I’d found out there. The way you’ve divided up the information makes it a lot easier to process and a lot less daunting.
    Thank you again for your work. I’m looking forward to the next set of modules.

    • Jake – that’s fantastic news – you’re exactly the kind of user this site is aimed at. Did you complete just the introductory modules or have you had a look at some of the beginner modules yet? Would love to know how you got on with the challenges – it’d be a great proof of concept to know how you got on. Thanks again for the comment!

    I’m an experienced programmer but working with a game engine is completely new for me. Since I’m used to working with shortcut keys I especially like that you listed all the shortcuts in your tutorials. I’m looking forward to complete the beginner series soon. Thanks for your work!

    • Thanks Michael, glad you find the site useful. Over time i’ll hopefully create further content at Intermediate and Advanced levels that suit your programming skills.

    After watching all the Essentials I have to say that you’re doing very well. Your style is very neat and clean, you speak clearly and articulate very well. Also, I’ve learned a few things that I hadn’t learned from other intro tutorials. Thank You.

    I’ll start watching the Basics now and see how they are.

  • Watching these essential tutorials got me back on track with Unity. Clear information, I like it!

    Thanks you!

    • You’re welcomes! 😉

    I have learnt some things about unity already from other sites, but i wish i found this site earlier, because these videos tell me more about unity, like shortcuts and stuff, plus what i already know, i didn’t even realise that the person that made that unity3d book was you, until i looked at the name on the comments, i didn’t buy the book but its good to see that some people are helping the community alot

  • I just CAN’T believe it! It took me about 30 minutes to go through all the essential tutorials and about 30 min to play with all that I’ve learned! All the other tutorials on the web are long, mixed up and too much info to remember all at once.

    Your tutorials are absolutely great! Can’t wait to finish all the modules and get to the challenges!

    Hope to see more Intermediate tutorials because you’re way teaching is awesome!

    • You missed a hell of a lot out but i unnarstedd its for beginners and there called in and out points, markers are when you press M. Pen tools for fades, masks etc., But yeh i guess it will help the noobs xD

    OK, great job

    I have to say, English is only my second language but yet I can still get 100% out of your good 10 videos

    P.S. how to make an object to follow my keys? hahaha

    Thank you very much for your great work and wish you all the best

  • I agree. Excellent tutorials. I’m using your tutorials alongside the Lerpz demo (yours are better) and I’m trying to have the “mouse look” script run in the “nearCamera” so I can look around with the mouse (like in your desert island tutorial) whilst still moving the player but it doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas?

  • HOW did I not know about this amazing site! I have your book Will and its fantastic. I use it as reference all the time. I haven’t used Unity in a while due to school and am just now getting back into it. This website will be of immense value. Thank you again!

  • Amazing work! I’m watching and doing every practice you do in these videos. But i couldn’t find that GetAxis script in my files. Maybe its because im using the latest version of unity..
    Thx Anyway

    • How do you mean ‘in my script files’ ? its a part of Unity’s scripting classes, you have to write it!


    • cheers!

    I watched all Essentials tutorials and of course tried all of that on some test project. These tutorials are excellent! I am impressed how fast moving I am in Unity now. Keep up the good work!

    p.s. going to Beginner tuts now…

    • Thanks Ivan!

    Thank you very much!
    I learned a lot of things.

  • I honestly have no idea what I am doing but I figured I have some spare time… so I am currently downloading Unity3D, but the problem is I have no idea how this works, when I open it, it’s all gibberish to me… any help? please? thanks!

  • Thank you so much for these tutorials ! For the moment it’s the best ones I’ve found ! It’s clear, simple, quick and efficient ! I couldn’t ask for more :).

    I can’t afford a Game Design school so I’m gonna have to learn how to make video-games all by myself, and this is really helpful.

    Thanks again !

    An other Will, but from France 😉

  • I am brand new to the gaming industry and will be attending school for Game and Art Design. I have been searching for a chance to enhance my knowledge on gaming, especially with all the software out there to give me an edge for I attend school. I have seen Unity before but was unsure of it till I came across apps on my android that were ran on Unity. As of now I am sold 100% into what Unity can help me accomplish as I break through into the industry.

  • Thank z Bro…… For your valuable tutorial can you please upload some complexites which gets common problems wgile developing..

    • say wha?

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