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What’s Going On!

Hi everyone. I wanted to take some time out to reassure you all that the site is being developed and that more content is indeed on its way. I also wanted to thank everyone for making use of the comments and especially those of you helping others and saving me from answering questions on certain modules – you guys and girls rock!

As for making new content, I’m currently working on this in my spare time as I’m a full time tutor and the recording of new content must be done after hours when I have a silent space to work in, hence some of the difficulty with making time to get new content on – that said I’ve had plenty of requests for new modules and I have a list that I’ll be sticking to and hopefully get some of it up this week for you all..

I’ve also been working on a profile based system for the site to let you login and track what you are learning – a longstanding goal of the site when I finished the first design of it. In addition to that a few design tweaks are being done here and there in order to prepare what is next for the site – a more personalised system of usage – this is being developed bespoke so it takes time, I didn’t want to throw a plugin at the problem or some social media gimmick.

Another hitch I’ve faced is in sheer traffic – I get a lot of emails from the audience of the site and always make sure to answer each one personally which takes time, and also the amount of usage of the site has over maximised my server usage limits, so its starting to cost too, which is a little problematic.

Anyway, just a brief brief insight into whats going on with me and the site and a promise to do my best to keep it rolling for you all as best I can!

Cheers all


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