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How to make automatic doors in Unity [new?! and in C#]

You’ve wanted some new content for a long time, so I took an evening to make a few videos separate from Unity for the community directly. They’re a little rougher than my usual ones, but here’s one of the first few, a quick overview of making automated doors for your games.

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    Useful page, really a good basic example to start and i prefer remain in C# instead of UnrealScript

  • Thanks for making this. Sometimes it was a bit fast following along but I learned a lot and it worked perfectly!

  • How did you made the hollow wall???

    Can you tell me???

  • Hi, i’m trying to get a door to open within a level that I have. I have done every thing in this video and copied the script, but its not working? It’s like the trigger box collider is not responding with the script? Well at least I think? I’ve tried to change my box collider to a different one, e.g. sphere, but still nothing? Can you help please.

  • Great tutorial! Nice editing, clear explanations and concise.

  • thank you for the tutorial, but my door is not moving when i play.

  • Wrong script, great tutorial!!!!

    All the setup part is perfect, but the script has some issues.

    With your script, if the player enters the trigger, then other thing enters the trigger, then that other thing exits the trigger, the doors will close. You are not cheking if what exits the trigger is also the player.

    It can be further optimized using layers, making the layer of the door trigger collide only with the player layer, so you would be able to get rid of the tag comparison completeley.


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