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Modules on this site are the bread and butter – mini explanations and tutorials designed to boost your understanding in short bursts you can replicate or just watch. You should watch modules and then try and combine them to cement your knowledge by completing some of the challenges.


Challenges will suggest two or more existing posts that you should watch, and combine the knowledge of to complete a new task. You won’t be told how to complete it, but you will be given all the necessary tools – such as links to parts of the scripting reference and clues as to where to start. Bon chance!

Get Help!

The get help section is a complete guide to getting assistance with your problems with game development in Unity. Split into Non-Linear and Linear resources, this handy guide will explain what and when to start using which kinds of resource and offers tips on best practice.

Unity3DStudent Origins

Will GoldstoneUnity 3D student is an evolution of several educational resources created byย Will Goldstone over the past 3 years for game development software packageย Unity 3D. His other websites,ย Learnmesilly.com andย Learnunity3d.com have proved popular amongst new learners to the software. Unity3Dstudent.com takes the principles of learning game development with Unity one stage further, offering a complete resource for students wishing to learn in the best way possible.

Having researched the ways in which many Unity developers have started out, as well as observing theories of learning styles, and cognitive psychology, this site represents the culmination of a research project with Bournemouth University’s Centre for Excellence in Media Practice MA in Creative Media Education.

The core aim of the site is to provide new developers with a modular way of learning – offering not full tutorials, but short explanation of game mechanics, which students can use to piece together larger ideas, encouraging them to learn, and develop autonomous confidence in using Unity to make great games. Will now works for Unity Technologies and will be bringing the same approach that you see here at Unity 3D Student to the official pages of Unity3D.com very soon.

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    Hi guys,

    Nice work, nice page. I like that is clean and straight to the point. I believe there’s a lot more Basic and Medium stuff needed to actually develop games. I also think you should put together a “Best Practices” section about tips and tricks to apply best practices, project organization, commenting and naming conventions, since it is best to learn this kind of things from the very beginning.

    Overall the site looks very promising and helpful and it has a niche, since there are a lot of tutorial sites that are way too advanced for beginners.


    • Cheers man, all good ideas- currently working on lots of stuff for the site and this kind of thing is included certainly.

    Looking around on the web, I couldn’t seem to find any sites that are beginner oriented for Unity. When I came across this site, however, I loved it. It’s so simple to understand, and you give us work and tell us to make a game out of the stuff we have learned. Bravo! I will continue to go on this site for all of my Unity 3D learning needs! Please don’t stop posting things!

    • Thanks Michael, I certainly won’t be stopping any time soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

    man, this brief-modular approach did perfect for me. We spend less time watching hours of video, and more experimenting with the mechanics we learn.

    Even my core game-concept view changed with this modules, while going through them i visualized tons of simple yet smart and inventive game concepts using simple 3D, lighting, perspectives, physics etc. mechanics i’ve learned here.

  • Excellent work

  • Your teaching approach is excellent in so many ways. You learn but are not constricted to a given example (like almost all “let’s make a game” youTube series) which lets you experiment (best way of learning, in my opinion) and also are encouraged to keep on investigating by your own means thanks to the reference links below the videos.

    Also, the challenges are great practice to really engrave the knowledge on your brain.

    And for free? Where’s the catch? No, really, there has to be some catch somewhere.

    This site rocks so hard the Rolling Stones seem inmobile dirt in comparison.

    • Excess! You’ve spoiled me there, thanks very much for your comments. There is no catch of course, though I’m starting to feel the pinch of time commitments and server costs.. :/ oh well, with comments like this, I’m happy its worthwhile! cheers

    the single best instant resource and genuinely helpful resource on this product and it’s peculiarities. Keep up the good work. Need any help with a book? Let me know! Need any help making a Chinese version of your book, let me know. You’ve got a talent for explanations and education VERY rare in this world!

  • Maybe could you do a tutorial on how to embed a unity game into a web page? Thanks!

  • Hey WG.

    You site seems to be exactly what I’ve been looking for to kickstart my game development. To be honest, many of the other sites didnt really get me, and they seemed too basic/simple, with a really cluttered structure.

    Your modules and challenges are really awesome, and I hope you are still adding more. Thanks.

  • After hours of searching the internet for the best Unity tutorials, I’ve found them here. The brief videos are an excellent way to learn fundamentals, and the challenges are a fun way to test your knowledge and really commit things to memory.

    I hope you keep providing this service for free, but I’m sure if you had a donation via paypal setup, people would use it.

    • I seem to have overlooked the donation button! I will donate ๐Ÿ™‚

      (Make it more prominent perhaps? You don’t want anyone else to overlook it!)

    I love this website! BUt I just can’t get my head into it! I’d love some tutors! I just search all over the web and bcan’t find any tutors! But this website is a gfreat foundation for learning unity. Well Done ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sorry for my spelling mistakes ๐Ÿ™

  • Fantastic website! This makes learning Unity so much easier. A lot of the tutorials I’ve looked at before were either too complex, or they didn’t explain things properly.

    The only thing I wish for is that you maybe create more support for C#. I’ve decided to go with C# as my language, and even though it’s been a learning challenge to adapt the syntax to C#, it has, at times, been a bit frustrating.

  • Excellent site and tutorials, the best I’ve found so far. Would love it if you continued with the “Intermediate” Tutorial series, or made a few longer “template” type tutorials for common genre games. I’ve gone through all the beginner series and understand everything perfectly. The site is a great resource and much appreciated!

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