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Modules on this site are the bread and butter – mini explanations and tutorials designed to boost your understanding in short bursts you can replicate or just watch. You should watch modules and then try and combine them to cement your knowledge by completing some of the challenges.


Challenges will suggest two or more existing posts that you should watch, and combine the knowledge of to complete a new task. You won’t be told how to complete it, but you will be given all the necessary tools – such as links to parts of the scripting reference and clues as to where to start. Bon chance!

Get Help!

The get help section is a complete guide to getting assistance with your problems with game development in Unity. Split into Non-Linear and Linear resources, this handy guide will explain what and when to start using which kinds of resource and offers tips on best practice.

Unity3DStudent Origins

Will GoldstoneUnity 3D student is an evolution of several educational resources created by Will Goldstone over the past 3 years for game development software package Unity 3D. His other websites, Learnmesilly.com and Learnunity3d.com have proved popular amongst new learners to the software. Unity3Dstudent.com takes the principles of learning game development with Unity one stage further, offering a complete resource for students wishing to learn in the best way possible.

Having researched the ways in which many Unity developers have started out, as well as observing theories of learning styles, and cognitive psychology, this site represents the culmination of a research project with Bournemouth University’s Centre for Excellence in Media Practice MA in Creative Media Education.

The core aim of the site is to provide new developers with a modular way of learning – offering not full tutorials, but short explanation of game mechanics, which students can use to piece together larger ideas, encouraging them to learn, and develop autonomous confidence in using Unity to make great games. Will now works for Unity Technologies and will be bringing the same approach that you see here at Unity 3D Student to the official pages of Unity3D.com very soon.

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