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Hello everyone! Well it’s been a while since I posted anything new on Unity3DStudent.com. But still I am seeing thousands of new Unity users learn with the site every day, and I monitor it now and then. So what is going on? is the site closed, is the project over?! Not exactly. My name is […]

UNITY 3.4 Released, go geddit!

In yet another massive upgrade, Unity Technologies present to the world Unity version 3.4. With masses of improvements listed on the download page, I won’t go into detail except to say you should go get it right now! Some notable awesome stuff however – Allegorithmic substance support Collider visual editing in the Scene view (hold […]

Festive Greetings!


What’s Going On!

Hi everyone. I wanted to take some time out to reassure you all that the site is being developed and that more content is indeed on its way. I also wanted to thank everyone for making use of the comments and especially those of you helping others and saving me from answering questions on certain […]

Ways to Respond

Hi all, just wanted to share with you some ways I’d like you all to respond to the site if possible! We’ve already had some great users out there who are already doing this kind of stuff but it’d be fantastic to see more of it if possible – whenever you want to show off […]

Calling All Teachers!

Hi all, just a quick one to try and gather some info from tutors worldwide who use Unity to teach game development – want some free advertising for your course? or simply just to raise awareness? I want to expand the site by listing all of the courses available so that the site not only […]

Phase Two begins!

Hi everyone, so i’m starting a new area of the site to mark the start of phase 2 of the site. On this blog i’ll be writing more informally about the development of the site, it’s ethos, aims and more.