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Example Articles

Here you'll find some helpful articles on setting up certain gameplay elements

How to position cameras using the Scene view [new?!]

Ever need to frame the perfect shot with your Camera? find it hard to use the Translate and Rotate tool to get what you want? look no further!

How to make automatic doors in Unity [new?! and in C#]

How to make automatic doors that open and close in Unity using animation and code.

Platformer Progress bar

How to make a progress bar that tracks the player’s progress across a level in a 2D style platformer.

Worms Style Power Bar

How to create a charging shot power bar akin to games such as Worms or R-type, holding a key to charge, release to fire.

Switching Cameras at runtime

How to swap between cameras in your game at runtime.

Football Kick Power Bar

How to create a GUI based power bar that charges and de-charges in a ping-pong style, the user must time their input just right.

Creating Random Spawning

Here is an example of how to create a spawn of an object in 3 potential positions. In my scene I have set up 3 differing locations which I can apply to the transform variables. The only other thing you’ll need is a prefab!