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Whilst Unity 3D Student will provide you with many small exercises to help you learn game development, the main aim of the site is to help you learn how to research any problems you encounter. By presenting you with exercises and challenges, we invite you to flex your learning muscles by giving you half of what you need to succeed, the rest is up to you! But where you should seek further information and when? Take a look at the links below to find out which resources are most used by Unity users and what kind of information you might get from them.

Non-Linear Resources

These are resources which you may query and receive replies. Remember that any use of these resources should be with a clear understanding of –

a) what you want to ask b) what you have tried so far and c) what you’re expecting the end result to be.

There are thousands of users on the various resources listed below who have many years of combined experience, so make sure you know the 3 points above, and be sure that you’ve checked the Unity documentation before you query these resources.

1) Unity3D.com Forums – forum.unity3d.com

The developers of Unity – Unity Technologies (formerly Over The Edge Entertainment) – provide users with a free to register and post forum, with various categories in which you can ask questions, discuss new features and make contact with other people in your position. Whilst the forum is very useful and is searchable, often questions are not titled in such a way that is immediately easy to find, which is why it can take some time to find what you are looking for, so persevere.

Top Tips

Always make sure you search before you post, the forum is very busy, and the less cluttered it is with duplicate questions, the better it is for everyone – and you’ll likely receive more replies by asking for help on the end of an existing visited topic, as other users who have already replied have most likely ticked ‘notify me of replies via email’ – so your post may prompt them to return to the thread and assist you. It is also worth checking that your issue has not yet been addressed on Unity Answers, see below.

unity answers site2) Unity3D.com Answers – answers.unity3d.com

The Unity Answers subsite is there to help users find answers to popular questions. Originally conceived to take pressure off of the busy Forum, Unity answers also has the added bonus of being able to vote up solutions that are posted by others – remember that as with many disciplines, in game development there is often more than one approach to a particular problem or aim. There are many duplicate entries on this so always ensure that you search and check various results that you receive. If you find an unresolved or similar topic – again – add to this rather than starting afresh. Remember you can always combine resources – maybe you’ve seen a response to a topic on Answers but don’t quite understand it, why not copy the url of the topic from your browser and discuss it in the IRC channel for Unity?

Top Tips

If you’re partaking of info from Unity Answers, why not help out others by trying to answer some topics you already know the answers to? And to help everyone get the best out of this resource, if you’ve found a solution that works, go back to Answers and vote it up, likewise, if someone has posted something you’re sure does not work, either reply and let them know, or vote it downward.

irc chat for unity students3) Unity IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Channel

To get some realtime support, why not log on to the IRC chat channel. Moderated by various veteran Unity users, the chat room can be used to ask any question you like – but remember the rules listed in the a,b,c above – don’t go to the IRC channel without the proper preparation – have you tried the Unity documentation? Don’t let this put you off however, as the users of the chat room are very helpful to users of all levels, and they know just as well as you do what it is like to be a learner – we all started out somewhere. The other rule of the chat room is don’t ask to ask – Just ask! if there is something you want to know, introduce your topic as succinctly as possible and if someone can help, they will, simple eh?


To access the IRC, simply logon to chat server ‘irc.freenode.net’ and go to the room ‘unity3d’.

If you’re unfamiliar with IRC you’ll need to download a chat client – a piece of software to connect to IRC server chat rooms. This can be off-putting for some new users but it is well worth it once you get a chance to speak to other Unity users. To get a chat client, try one of the following clients, or simply google ‘IRC Client’ and see what you get!

mirc pc irc client PC users, try mIRC

colloquy mac irc client Mac users, Colloquy is what you need!

Top Tips

if you are discussing code in the IRC channel, you’ll need to paste a reference to your code uploaded to a ‘pasting’ site. This saves the chat being clogged up with lines of code, and is general common sense. Two popular pasting tools you can use in conjunction with the IRC chat are ‘pastebin.ca‘ and ‘pasteit4me.com‘.

Linear Resources

These are resources you should expect to refer to throughout your career in using Unity – alongside the key starting point – the documentation – there are books, video tutorials, online written tutorials and more provided by the community surrounding Unity.

1) Unity Manual – unity3d.com/support/documentation/Manual/

The Unity manual is online and contains complete reference for the software itself, components available, and all scripting classes. It is highly recommended that you spend a few hours reading through the manual as you begin working with Unity.

2) Video Tutorials

There are many video tutorials available online for Unity, in addition to this site there are full video tutorials at learnmesilly.com, and many also available on Youtube, just search google and you’ll find many.

3) Books

At present there is only one book available – Unity Game Development Essentials from Packt publishing. Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and various other online outlets in hard copy and pdf. The book leads you through many of the basic concepts in Unity and goes on to cover how to make several simple game mechanics on a desert island.

4) University, College and School Courses

Below is a list of courses that currently use Unity as part of game development. If you are a tutor and want to add your institution to this list, drop me a line via the contact form.

  • Coming Soon

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    This is an excellent tutorial site!! I am a freelance computer programmer and trying to get my 14-year old son into programming, somehow. So far, success! My shoo-in was game programming many years ago, before the internet “existed”, and I would have really appreciated a game engine like Unity and resources like this site!

  • Thanks so much for this site. The learning curve just got much smaller for me. I hope that you will continue to do these modular tutorials. The bite-size chunks are easy to digest and understand.


    Gary (interactiveBoy)

  • Hello Will, I want to second (and third) the positive comments, and say thanks for all your work.

    The approach you adopt, and I think the judgement you show in crafting these tutorials make for excellent learning.

    More power to you.

    Best wishes!

    • You’re welcome Steve! thanks for the message 🙂

    hello Will, this is excelent website, thanks to sharing your knowledge.

  • Your tutorials are awesome. Found Unity and fell in love. Allthough I have alot of hardware side experience I am totaly lost with software, so there is a huge learning curve for me, but the fact that you start with the basics and go up is great.

    Keep up the good work.
    I and people like me greatly appreciate it.

  • You are doing an amazing job. I am now working with your book (Essentials). It is truly amazing. A must-have for every beginner that wants to learn Unity!

    But I need some help…:(

    I am having a problem with the matchbox object (NullReferenceException: The prefab you want to instantiate is null.)

    I know this isn’ the place to post this but could you please guide me where to post it and get help because I really want to continue to the next chapter..I love that book!

    • Panos – this simply means that you have not assigned a prefab to instantiate to your member variable slot in the inspector. Check your script as a component and see if you have missed anything – it’ll say None (GameObject) next to the variable if unassigned.

      • Do you minister course the unity the distance, or knew curse online the unity 3d.

        • come again? sorry not following that..

    Hello there,

    First of all great work with this tutorials! I found them recently and have learnt a lot since then.

    I had an issue while working on a game and if you could point me on to the right direction it would be great!

    I am trying to check collision between a horizontal cylinder which is rotating on the y-axis, with my 3rd person character(standard controller provided with Unity) controller that comes along with unity 3.
    Both my GameObjects have been assigned a rigid body component but somehow as soon as the cylinder comes close to the character it passes through it rather than colliding with it.
    Are there any particular settings i need to change to get this working? Your help on this would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Sririam, a couple of things to check – make sure your collider isn’t a trigger, look for ‘is Trigger’ being ticked in the inspector – this would make it pass through. Then also you shouldnt have a rigidbody on your character, the character controller itself is given gravity via the character motor script and you don’t want the rigidbody conflicting with that code.

    Hello and thanks for the prompt reply!

    I have made sure that trigger has been unchecked for the collider.I have also removed the rigidbody component for the character and i am still having no luck in getting the rotating cylinder to collide with my character.
    The weird thing is that when my character is still at one place the moving cylinder passes through it.But if i make my character walk around the level and then collide with the cylinder (while in motion), the collision works but randomly.I have a debug statement which tells me every time the cylinder collides with an object and even those random times that it does collide with the character it doesn’t show my debug statement on the console window.

    All im trying to do is to get my 3rd person character controller that unity provides to collide with a cylinder which rotates on the y axis.Im not sure where im going wrong as i have tried different combination of settings but none seem to be working properly.Any help/advice on this or a good way to achieve the same would be highly appreciated

    • Sririam, if you’re rotating this object with a Rotate command, then it’ll keep going as its being told to, the best thing you could do is to tell it to stop rotating when the character interacts with it. The best way is to detect the collision via the character object itself, so write an OnControllerColliderHit (see script reference) function to detect when your character hits the object, and then when you do, use GetComponent to address the script which is rotating the object and tell it to stop, using a boolean variable to switch off rotation.

    Hi will thanks for your Great Free Tutorial Site

    we all love your Tutorials.

    i have question to ask ….

    i run on a x64 Win vista With 8mbps HighSpeed Internet Connection…

    The Problem is … “I CAN NOT” Wacth your Video’s!!!

    I Also have Flash Player Plugin Installed on my I.E and Fire Fox…

    CAn you help me?

    if you Put an Option Like “Download Video Content” it will be so good!

    bcoz People Like me can Watch them too

    • You should b able to watch them really with that spec. Trying lowest quality- YouTube at 360p should be fine with your spec. Make sure your graphics card driver is up to date then get latest browsers and plugins.

    Hi unity has been realy fun so far (thanks to the touts on here)so i tought for a project for school i would make a game and i think i have bitten off more than i can chew the only thing i need help with is a simple score thing that just adds score to my gui please help if you can.

  • first off nice job on website much appreciated

    how do i make an ontriggerenter turn a script on and off ? for example if theres a collider with the tag building in my trigger than turn instantiate script off , but if these is no collider with tag building than turn instantiate script off so i typed out script and it only turns my script off not back on D:

    function OnTriggerEnter (myTrigger: Collider) {

    if(myTrigger.gameObject.tag == “building”){

    //onlyoncetwo is my script name.

    GetComponent (“onlyoncetwo”).enabled= false;

    //i think the problem is with this part
    else {GetComponent (“onlyoncetwo”).enabled= true;


  • oops i meant turn instantiate script on and off. lol sry

  • got desired result with this script lol please forgive me. the second time i have asked a question and anwsered myself. but with your help of course

    function OnTriggerExit (myTrigger : Collider) {
    if(myTrigger.gameObject.tag == “building”){
    GetComponent (“onlyoncetwo”).enabled = true;

    function OnTriggerEnter (myTrigger:Collider) {

    if (myTrigger.gameObject.tag ==”building”){

    GetComponent (“onlyoncetwo”).enabled = false;



  • vorrei avere informazionisu unity3d riguardante la nascita e da cosa prende spunto,cioe informazioni di cultura generale

  • Thanks a lot. You gave us a great book, and the videos on this site are more than helpful. Thanks again!

  • Thank you so very much. I’d been floundering around in other tutorials and the official documentation and was feeling pretty overwhelmed. Then the kind folks in #unity3d at Google+ pointed me in this direction. I watched all the videos in one marathon stretch and your materials answered all my most pressing questions. Clear, concise, and I love the fact that you put the code used in each tut on the containing page. This really should be required viewing for anyone just coming to Unity. Now, I’m off to read Unity Game Development Essentials by some bloke named Will Gladstone…know anything about him? 😉 Then some sleep and I attack the challenges. Thanks again.

    • Awesome! very glad to help Ted, love getting feedback like this. Cheers,

      Will Goldstone


    I was looking for a script for 2 days now and could not find a proper solution.

    What it must do is move my character to the mouse point that I click at, my idea is to ultimately create a simple MOBA game. This script is much more difficult than it sounds like. Please help if you can!

  • Unity 3.x Game Development Essentials is a great book But I wish it had an explanation for overcoming a situation like this:

    I’ve been following this book/tutorial and while reviewing what I’ve done so far I have a few scripts in my Project that I don’t remember what they are for. So I want to search the objects in my hierarchy for those scripts (if I can find the objects using those scripts maybe I can get an idea of their purpose).

    Usually you can right-click on a script in the Project panel and chose “Find References In Scene” and the game object that uses that script as a component will be highlighted. But that doesn’t work for some scripts.

    For example one script in this tutorial is named “Shooter”. I know is used somewhere but I can’t find where…therefore I don’t know why it’s even in my project.

    This is starting to give me my doubts about Unity as a game dev platform. This project is still very small and I’m having such a serious problem. What would happen in a very large project? It could become hopelessly unwieldily.

  • Hi, excelent tutorial site :3, very helpful!
    I need help, I’m making a parkour system in Unity3d and I don’t know even how to start :S

  • i need help im new in unity 3D can anyone put a link for learning scripts and other in unity

  • Do you offer 1 on 1 Unity3d tutoring?

    • too busy sorry!

    […] you will learn all the skills you need to pickup game development and also get an understanding of how to research further info as you […]

  • Hey, The tutorials are very useful and I am thankful to you. I want to create an Android Puzzle Adventure Game like that of Lost World,Mosaika, Cryptic Keep, Cryptic Caverns etc wherein the gamer touches every object on the screen for clues and movements. Plus there is an inventory screen wherein the user collects objects and use it later, For Eg: User obtains a key, that gets stored in the inventory screen, which he later uses it for opening a lock in another screen. I would really like to seek your help for javascripts required for all touch related activities.

    1. Touch an object to change its position. Eg: Touch a rock to move it.
    2. Touch an object to collect it into the inventory screen.
    3. Touch an object to use it from the inventory screen to the Game play.
    4. Touch to switch between the Cameras.

    Thanking You in advance

  • […] Unity3D students get help and get started resources – http://www.unity3dstudent.com/get-help/ […]

  • Hi. how do you set camera target after the gameobject gets respawned after it has been destroyed?. I would really appreciate if someone showed me how to do this.

  • a ball(sphere) which is a gameobject in my game. ball is just bumping on paddle.
    player balance the ball by moving the paddle. how to write a code to call game over scene when y position of ball is less than or equal to 0?
    please reply

  • I am the faculty sponsor of a Unity 3D club at my high school. If you too have Unity 3D at you school please contact me. Our students have won several state wide awards and a congressional STEM app competition. Check out our student showcase

  • hi,
    i am a newbie
    i wanna know how to retreive datas from php to combobox or gui button.i ahve the database in php.please help me,my codes not working .thanks in advance

  • Hello guys,
    I need help yours because i am not getting the logic for swapping the object as the user clicks on next button and if the user clicks on previous button so the previous object must appear.
    I want to do this for ten objects, how to do?
    Thank you!

  • Hey your videos are very helpful…
    but i am getting one problem whatever you have shown in video i have followed everything exactly and its working too, but it just work with the gameobject only such as cube…
    i want to use an different asset such as an asset from the asset store or an asset from internet i tried for that but it giving me the error that

    “The referenced script on this Behaviour is missing!”

    then how can i implement that can you just give me the sample c# code for that it would be really grateful it will help my project a lot….

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