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    Hello Will, awesome job with this new project!

    In my opinion, the huge lack of tutorials focused on mobile development with Unity is one of the key areas where unity3DStudent can bring something unique to the table.

    Topics like :
    -using game object pools instead of instantiation;
    -detecting touches on a gui built with textured meshes (raycasts, ways to correctly detect touch phases,);
    -general optimizations for mobile devices;
    -gameplay based on the unique control methods of the iDevices;

    Thanks for another awesome project!

    • Hi Tiago thanks for the comment, you’re certainly correct there is a lack of mobile based resources out there for new learners. However it is crucial that this site sets out with its core aim in mind at all times – to get people into the right frame of mind to learn for themselves. I’ve seen countless students use tutorials, complete them and then try and alter what they have created to make a game, which can lead to real issues if the tutorial hasn’t taught them the discipline of how to research what they need to know, I hope that by focusing on short simple elements – most non mobile for now – I will be able to help people starting out with Unity get a grasp of how to build game scenarios – then the more technical stuff can come later.

    Suggestion: You would create a banner for I put in my blog =D

    • No problem, hit me with a pixel dimension or two and I’ll design it for you! Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I like the way the content is broken up into small bite-sized chunks. One bit of feedback: when I hit the front page it wasn’t immediately obvious to me that the modules were sorted from advanced to beginner. It wasn’t until I had scrolled almost all the way to the bottom that I realized this.

    • Fair comment Ehren thanks! I’m still working on the design, need to emphasize this more probably, I’m also going to create an introductory video that I may post on the homepage to introduce people to the resource.

    Like Ehren, I was a bit confused at first as per the ordering of the modules. But, this is just a minor issue, IMHO.

    I think your โ€œbite-sizedโ€ video concept is a winner. I like the way you chose a topic and presented the fundamentals in a concise and intelligent manner. Adding the โ€œcode usedโ€ was a great touch. In addition, youโ€™ve made it easy to refer to Unityโ€™s documentation by providing the relevant links. For a hobbyist programmer like myself, I can easily see myself referring to these tutorials if I need a quick refresher on a particular topic.

    One suggestion: I wouldnโ€™t mind seeing the equivalent C# code in the โ€œcode usedโ€ area.

    • Hi Greg – great idea, I’d considered including the equivalent C# but I’m thinking it’ll be best to wait until I have time to do a comparative simply JS vs C# basics introduction before I introduce that feature – thanks for the suggestion! it’s on the list! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I love this site and the method, but a C# equivalent would be soooo great/helpful. I know it’s on your list, but I’ll add my request for this feature regardless.

        BTW you’re an amazing teacher! I loved the learnmesilly tuts!

        • Thanks and I will get around to placing C# code on the posts when I can!

          • Fyi.. a useful javascript to C# converter from m2h website.


            tweaking of converted code may still be needed though.

            Prof Yakkle

            • That converter is utter garbage and always has been.
              Better off learning the differences and doing it yourself.

    Path finding – Simple AI stuff

  • This is a great site and idea! Some suggestions for topics:

    – Drag and drop objects
    – Simple inventory
    – GUI interaction (menus and such)
    – AI
    – Physics (how to get a boat to float ect.)

    • Hi Patrik, thanks for your suggestions. I think topic wise some of what you’re suggesting will be challenges, the others modules – in the sense that an inventory would be something comprising GUI elements, variables between scripts and switching components on and off – so I’d likely make the constituent parts and present the inventory as a challenge – look out for that soon, thanks for the suggestion.. it’s on the list! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I had actually been thinking about this the other day right before finding your new site. Here are some suggestions for tutorials to add:

    *Sky boxes
    *How to make a game save
    *Saving global game data between scenes, such as keeping track of lives or score between scenes
    *Display a health bar on the GUI
    *Create a Shader, perhaps something for an underwater zone
    *Create particle effect, like rain or snow
    *How to track another object, such as a turret following a player, eyes following an object, or a player’s character reaching for a ledge even though their not going to make that jump
    *How to snap items to a grid, as you’d find in any tower defense game or many board games
    *Character animation, how to apply walk and jump cycles to a character and how to blend the animation.

    Also, I really enjoyed your book. You have a knack for teaching. Keep up the good work.

    • Hey Seth, cheers for the comment, some really good suggestions there. Tracking another object and game saves are a couple of basic ones I’m planning to do soon. Glad you enjoyed the book too, happy Unity’ing!


    First of all, thank you for your awesome book, it really helped me getting started with Unity!

    I have a few suggestions for the site:
    – in tutorials 209 and 210, it could be useful to either have a download link to some free ones you selected, or a short introduction on to where to find some quickly on the net (you could have start a few sponsorship/partnership this way :)).
    – Like the others, I found the homepage a bit confusing at first, since it shows the latest additions first. Maybe a “new to the site” link to a small tutorial on how to use it could be added?
    – The challenges are easy for me so far (thanks again to your book), but I can imagine people getting stuck at some point. It could be useful to have a “I am stuck” button on those pages, redirecting to either a specific forum thread (if it is planed) or a small FAQ with suggestions (ie: “the cube get destroyed on impact not the wall, what’s wrong?” or “I get the xxx error message”).
    – Not sure what your business plan (if there is any), but could imagine a premium membership offering assistance by email when stuck on a challenge or with some concepts.

    Thanks for creating this site, looking forward to see more of your amazing tutorials.

    • oops, just seen I should have used the feedback button. Sorry about that :/

    • Hi Thaelvyn, thanks for your comments –

      – Yes that could be a good idea perhaps. Or maybe I should just add some modules on creating your own? that said i’d like to promote some of the great stuff out there such as frogame’s excellent Proto Pack – google it!

      – I’ve added a ‘how to use’ graphic on the homepage, I may replace this with an animatic now the development is continuing – good point thanks.

      – This is what the Comments are hopefully for, though perhaps it is worth stating this. Also there’s the ‘Get Help’ section that is there to help people know where to look for help when they need to..

      – Not a business plan per se – I really would like to keep this resource as free as possible for as long as I have time to work on it.

      Thanks for al your comments and taking time to make suggestions, much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi Will,
    I been spotted a number of your videos around the “interwebs”, and am amazed at how well articulated you are at explaining stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ Eventually, I found this Treasure Cove ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have have been looking at getting into something on the games side of things for personal stimulation for some time, although have never had the time, being a professional software developer for 15+yrs.

    Looking at your new BRILLIANT site and tutorials encourage me to leverage into this hobby sooner rather than later ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking at 3.0, does look like a big leap forward comparably to 2.6.x and am anticipating this release to eventuate ๐Ÿ™‚

    I express my sincerest thanks, and I too am looking forward to more of your awesomeness ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hi John, thanks for your kind words! really appreciate it! Please send in anything you create i’d be happy to promote via learnunity3d.com, all the best!

    site is looking great.
    The bite size chunks of actions are very welcome. Some topic suggestions:
    1. GUI utilization, counting objects, collecting objects
    2. Animation – attaching scripts to keyframes

    • Hi Jeff, some good points – I want to cover some character stuff before I move onto collecting because it’ll help contextualise it further. Animation scripting is a good idea – any examples you can think would be beneficial? ideas welcome!

    Hi Will!

    I love your book and it has helped my brain translate from web coding to game programming. Being a web developer I understand how to create functions, variables, for/while loops etc. One thing that still mystifies me on occasion is when to use an Update function and when to use a Start function. It may be worthwhile to create an Essentials tutorial on the differences between the built in functions (when to use which) and creating and calling your own custom functions. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Hi Will,

    Great job on your tutorials, they are easily to follow and you explain them very well.
    But maybe you can go further on explaining how we can use the scripts and combining them with earlier learned tutorials? I hope I can enjoy new tutorials soon!

  • Hi Will,

    What i think would be really useful would be bitesize network tutorials. Using:
    -1st person views
    -3rd person views

    Oh yeah Well done for the book.

  • Hi Will,

    Your tutorials really helped me to hit the ground running with Unity very quickly.

    Can you do a tutorial on shaders / 2D textures on quad planes and then animating multiple planes on a single mesh?

    Also, continuing with shaders, how about a tutorial on creating a volumetric beam of light that changes colors gradually. I know volumetric lights will be available in Unity 3 but only have the current Unity atm.

    Great site!


    • Vitruvius, good suggestions will try and get round to them eventually but at present, I’m trying to cover as many of the Basic bases at present.

    Hey Will,

    Thanks so much for these new tutorials(i really liked you first ones too)! They are great as usual and i hope they will be more.

    One thing about the design of the site to help user get in the core directly. I’ m suggesting (something that you might have probably have in mind) to make the 3 options into big buttons so it obvious where to click.

    Thanks so much, and yes you are a great tutor.

    Take care,

  • Hello Will,
    Thanks for the website – excellent idea, helpful tutorials, simple solutions. You are Great ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Waiting for more.

    – Animation key frames & events
    – Shaders, transparent materials.

  • Hey, why not add french translation ?

    Sincerely Coldragon

    • Pourquoi pas.. Je vais y rรฉflรฉchir et vous faire connaรฎtre!

    Will, please teach me the ways of the GUI!

    Thanks for the awesome tut’s once again!



  • Hey Will ๐Ÿ™‚
    I see things are progressing mate ๐Ÿ˜‰
    One ‘suggestion’, I know it sounds dumb, but… with the tutotials etc, could you have some labels that describe the version of unity? something like (as an example):

    Version: 2.6.1
    Unity3D Licence: Free
    Assets: 2.6.1 Free
    Compatible with: 2.6.0
    etc… ???

    maybe a blurb about differences with prior version (eventually) ??

    Obviously subject to how/if you think it will be something that can work – I am too used to large corporate release management processes ๐Ÿ˜›

    I personally believe that, as time goes by, the software will update, and so may the videos, but (eventually) as archives, would be easy to reference and search (if there becomes a search available in the future) ๐Ÿ™‚

    Forgive me for the suggestion(s), but they are just some thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚

    Love your work mate ๐Ÿ™‚
    John Z

  • Hi Will,
    Thanks for your book and your internet tutorials. I am glad to see you have started an Intermediate section. Unity3d is an empowering program/IDE to begin with, and is even more so thanks to your teaching. My main suggestion is: Please Continue. Your work is very much appreciated.

  • Will you be doing lessons on Unity 3? Overviews and how to use the new features.

    • Possibly- have u seen the videos I’ve been doing about the new features at vimeo.com/unity3d?

    I love this website thank you so much, perhaps add a donation button for all the hard work?

    • I agree. I looked for a donate button after watching the Essentials series. Great stuff!

    Great tutorials!
    I would love to see some tutorials on how to create a cool graphical user interface / menu system that will work on an iPad or iPhone … Ie with touch based input as well as on a computer with a mouse. How to design an Interface in Photoshop and then use it inside Unity.
    Also, how to play video in full screen from a thumbnail icon that is part of the gui.



  • One thing I noticed which would come in handy working through your modules would be simple Previous/Next Module links.

    A great learning resource, thanks for all the work you’ve put in.

    Looking forward to whats to come.

  • Would be great if we had a message board or something for those working on tutorials. Im having no luck completing the 3rd beginner challenge and I have tried everything that I can think of. Would be nice for people going through the same Tut’s to be able to post helps and Q’s. Getting help on Unity’s forums is a hit and miss at best and most of the issues that are posted in the questions are beyond the scope of the porblems that I am facing so its hard for me to put it into context with my issues. maybe split it up and have different boards for each lesson or challenge etc. Just a idea. thanks for the site,

  • what about a network tutorial

  • The forum is a good idea (to support the great tutorials)

    Thanks Will

  • I just started using unity and find your videos very informative and easy to follow(just watched your For Loop video) One minor suggestion would be to give even more quick examples of ways something like a “for loop” code would be used in a game. That would help a lot especially for someone like me who has no coding experience. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

  • I’m having some troubles to find good tutorials on 2D sprite-based animation in Unity3D. I think it’s a very important topic since it’s a good foundation on animation and computer graphics, and it’s good for pull off some simple project’s too. And it diverges a lot from the technics we learn about 3D gaming, so it’s hard to figure out the sprite-stuff by ourselves It would be really cool if you tackled this topic on a small series on the blog or in the screencasts.

    1. Setting up planes with tiles.
    2. Basic loop animation.
    3. Basic character animation.

    Thanks for this amazing website! and sorry for my engrish ๐Ÿ™

  • I think a tutorial going over the Third Person Controller script would be in order, for an intermediate tutorial. I have a fairly decent grasp of javascript, but I still don’t understand why things are done certain ways. The script I’m referring to is the one included in the Lerpz 3rd Person Platformer tutorial available on the Unity resources page.

  • Thanks for all of the great videos! If you can thease would be extremely helpfull:

    1. How to make a game save

    2. Saving global game data between scenes, such as keeping track of lives or score between scenes

    3. Display a health bar on the GUI

    4. Create particle effect, like rain or snow

    5. How to track another object, such as a turret following a player, eyes following an object, or a playerโ€™s character reaching for a ledge even though their not going to make that jump

    6. How to snap items to a grid, as youโ€™d find in any tower defense game or many board games



    • Hi ‘Snake’

      cheers for the comment, bit busy so i’ll be brief –

      1 and 2. good idea, will cover both of these

      3. kind of already covered, mix GUI module and the example about power bars

      4. covered already – the particles lesson

      5. covered already -lookat lesson

      6. possibly – but its not something you’d inherently do, you’d just restrict object movement to a rounded number using a Mathf – see scripting.

    Cover character controllers, and going about setting one up. Preferably a 3D one.

  • Hey there…
    I’d like to see example of good ways to layout your code. Like when is it better to separate some code out into a separate function, where is a good place for ‘foo’ script to go, handling and managing values across different game objects. When you should store a transform into a variable to save on memory… In general, good clean programming philosophies to make efficient code.

    If you know of other links around that would be helpful in general, that’s cool too! I’ve been searching, but usually find great examples of how to do one small thing, but haven’t found good examples of how to design the overall structure.
    thanks again!!!

  • wondering if you could make some beginner iphone tutorials for features such as the accelerometer.

  • Is there any chance you could do some tutorials on Shooting a Bullet (simple sphere) and detecting Collisions or Triggers Because I find it really confusing and unfortunately ahhh… Im getting frustrated lol. Heres why

    I have a room set up (no mesh colliders because small bullets go through them) and with Box Colliders (for wall collisions) because my player has a character controller.

    My Enemies have character controllers as well to be able to move them and a capsule collider (to detect collision with my player) because charactercontrollers and charactercontrollers dont detect collisions (bummer) but my enemies do not have rigidbodies because then they act weird when they do.

    But back to the subject the only way I know how to shoot a bullet is with a rigidbody but I cant get the bullet to detect the collision between the bullet and the wall? (using OncollisionEnter, OnTriggerEnter, etc..) If I make the box colliders for the walls, IsTrigger then my player will fall off the level, So they are not triggers but Im using them as colliders.

    I cant get the bullet to detect the enemies, the box colliders for the wall boundaries, a newly created cube, etc.. etc..

    I know the code is Ok because I dont get errors and Ive used OnControllerColliderHit for interaction between enemies and for collecting objects But getting these bullets to work right is driving me nuts… Ive looked at the collision Matrix at:
    But its confusing and I dont understand it ๐Ÿ™

    Please Help Ive been searching the forums for hours and hours these last couple of days and it seems a LOT of other people are just as confused as me and also having trouble.

    Any chance you can help clear up some of the confusion or mess?

    Sorry for the long post Im just getting tired.

  • Hi wgstone,

    Another good tutorial and one that would help me ๐Ÿ™‚

    How do you destroy a clone of an instantiated prefab?

    If my Prefab gameObject is named Kangaroo and I instantiate this gameobject everytime I click the Mouse button (“Fire1”) a Kangaroo is Instantiated and in the Hierarchy I will see Kangaroo(Clone). How would I destroy this instance of the prefab (Kangaroo(Clone))?

    I have heard and seen comments to Tag it and do a FindWithTag but how would you Tag something that does not exist yet meaning the clone? If I destroy the Prefab Kangaroo then I can only shoot Once then no more prefabs are instantiated?

    Maybe its so simple I just cant see it or how to do it correctly? Anyway I thought it might be a short tutorial that would help a lot of newbies

    • Hi Zeek, first off take control of your preface when they’re made by passing them to a variable, eg.

      var thingMade : GameObject = Instantiate(prefab , position , rotation);
      thingMade.name = “whatever”;

      That will stop it using the prefab name plus (Clone). Then you could also tag or add a number to the name to make it individual- whatever is needed. Can you give an example of what is happening in the game when you want to destroy such an object? Then I can help more specifically, but usually this isn’t an issue as you’d get a reference to an object through other means, for example when it’s the result of a collision or hit by a ray and detected.

    Hey buy!Thanks for this great tutorials i think that the enxt tutorial must talk about the character controller(is pretty hard to learn it)

  • Hi Will,

    Thanks for the tips I did not realize you could name an object through code and thats awesome I will use it ๐Ÿ™‚ as well as tagging them I guess I learned how to do it in the inspector and became dependent.

    By the way AWESOME tutorials they make things sooo much easier and I find myself coming back here as much as the scripting reference ๐Ÿ™‚ and forums

    Since this is not the place i’ll try and keep it quick, I did finally figure out how to get the cloned bullets get destroyed I needed to add a rigidbody to the walls and unchecked use gravity. I guess just having the colliders on each object wouldn’t do the trick I needed to add a rigidbody to the wall because thats what he bullet has.

    Plus I just watched your Video on Ray’s so I will implement that because my bullets go so fast they all dont get destroyed and actuall go through the walls So Ray casting it is ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.S. I still believe a short tutorial on the types of collisions may help others because it can get confusing and YOU ARE THE MAN!

  • Hey Will,

    I love what your doing to help out the growing Unity Community!
    Also, I was wondering if you would do a tutorial on switching cameras… I haven’t been able to figure it out.
    Thanks, Gibson

    • By the way, By switching cameras, I meant in the game, like First to Third person…

      • Hi Gibson, I’ll write a short example for you in the examples section in a moment.

      • Gibson, wrote an example for you, take a look here

    First off, I love the modules. They have helped me to get on my feet. Within Unity. But you could perhaps make one that would help you design a certain type of game. Like a basic platformer. Where you would go through creating levels and obstacles, and anything relating to making a basic platformer. Or make a module for a extremely basic FPS, like how to make the guns be held by your player and shooting them and such.

    But this is just a suggestion to add on to your already great site!
    Great work! Keep it up!!!

    ~New Guy

  • Can you plz make a tutorial on how to save and load your game in unity
    thx for all great tuts. =)

    • This is quite a complex topic, there are many elements involved in ‘saving’ a game – saving variables, writing to external files or servers (depending on deployment) – so its probably something that is way off in terms of priority for content on the site, sorry!

      • ok =(

    will there be any network tutorials appearing on this site?

    • Hi Ben, at some point definitely though not any time that soon as I’ve got a bunch of other stuff I want to demonstrate first to be honest with you.

      • ok cool that sound good sure it will be great when you get to it

    I just want to ask if you can make a tutorial of a game like an fps?

  • Is it possible to set a texture/model for the player?
    I’m thinking that it would be cool to switch to third person mode and see your main character walking/running/killing stuff.

    (I’m still at the beginner tutorials, and think that they are very useful!)

    • Yes, textured characters can be used, certainly – you’ll find that there is a textures third person character in the character controllers package in your unity install, try him out!

      • Nice!
        I see the engineer character.

        I would like to create my own character(say maybe a dog), how can I create my own in unity 3d?

        • No characters must be modelled and rigged in a modelling app.

          • I’ve done a bit of search and modeling and rigging an character seems to be pretty insane.

            I’ve seen many tutorials where people sculpt the character out of a cylinder. That’s extremely difficult!

            Are there applications where you can have pre-made stuff?
            Something like choosing a face, tweaking it a little, choosing clothes, tweaking it and so on.

            • I should be able to get my hands on cinema 4d/3d studio max/poser.

              Poser seems to be the easiest for creating characters, but I heard there’s problem with importing to unity? Something along the lines of too many polygons.

              Cinema 4d and 3d studio max seems pretty scary. People on youtube always create the character out of stuff like a cylinder. I’m not too sure if I’m that good at art.

              Which of these would you recommend/What do you use?

              • Cinema 4D has the friendlier interface, I use it with my students, but any modelling will be a large undertaking in learning curve, good luck!

    Hey Will, I was hoping you could do a video about SendMessage, and if you can use it to send a message to an object that intersects a ray. Thanks

    • Gibson, sure – be aware there is already a tutorial on raycasting in the Intermediate section. So cast a ray and then simply use your RayCastHit variable to check the gameObject you’ve hit, then use SendMessage like this –


      But yes, I’ll put up a sendmessage tute soon as poss.

    I love the examples section, I would suggest you some basic things for games that me and many people would love to learn, specially GUI stuff, like:

    *Minimaps (http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/6901/agro.jpg)
    *Life Gauge if possible Zelda like XD
    *Item select menu
    *Main menu (Start screen, options, saved game…etc)

    and some modules about AI, cutscenes, battle systems ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Dethl – got some gui stuff coming up, so will try and include what you list here in some form!

      • Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi Will,
    Can you do a tutorial on classic RPG’s? Like levelling up, learning moves, Hp, etc.
    Also, changing weapons in an FPS?

    • Paulo- the point here is that I want to encourage people to learn the constituent parts of games, rather than make scenario specific tutes- so think about how vars are passed around, how you can tie it with GUI stuff – those things can make most of what you want happen.

    Hello Mr. Goldstone,

    Thank you for all of the hard work, I found many if not all of your tutorials more than useful and full of insight. It was also nice to see a bit of planning went into them, having resources ready was nice.

    My only suggestion, and why I have commented, is to make more of the tutorial information available in text format under the video.

    Keep up the good work.

    -C Biluk

  • Hi
    Can you make an tutorial about health, like when the enemy hits you you will lose health?
    thx for tutorials


  • Hey Will,

    Thanks for the great learning resource!
    Do you think you could do a tutorial on Unity’s default Networking tool? I have used other resources, but I want to see how Unity does it…


  • Maybe could you do a tutorial on how to embed a unity game into a web page? Thanks!

  • Thanks very much for this awesome site!

    I had an idea for a lesson: If/Then/Else with multiple conditions. I see this so often in many, MANY games, and am having trouble doing this with Unity. I am trying to get a block, or series of blocks to disappear only when certain multiple conditions have been met, and am having no success. I would appreciate this kind of lesson.

  • Will, glad to see your tutorials, please consider a tutorial “how to script our own character motor” someday, or how to modify the ThirdPersonController to add more animations and animation sounds.. thanks.


  • Hello,

    I know you want people to learn from themselves after the videos. So I thought you should make a video about the manual, reference manual, and scripting manual. That last one is especially important and I can imagine newcomers of Unity being scared away by it .

    • Very good idea, something I’ll definitely try and do at some point soon. I’m also busy creating resources like this for Unity officially now btw.

    You have so many suggestions already, but I will add mine anyway,
    I can find no tutorial for a beginner that shows how to animate a texture using the system time,
    I would like to make a clock with bitmaps for the numbers, I know this should be real simple,
    I have managed to get the textures to change using scrolling and with a number of frames per second but not with the system time.

    PS, great work, Thank you.

  • Hi,

    My suggestion is to make tutorial for FPS player health. There is allmost 0 video tutorials about health!

    • That’s because its just a counter or integer that’s just changing over time thanks to collisions or otherwise..

    Hey Will,

    Great job with this site!

    It’d be awesome to see a tutorial on how to save variable values upon exiting the game (like saving a hiscore) as well as variables that can be accessed across multiple scenes. I’m working on a game for the android and this would be absolutely wonderful to learn how to do.

    • Hi Sean, various different ways to do this for different platforms, but check docs for ‘PlayerPrefs’ – google is your friend on that one, think it works for Android?

    Hi!. I’m having problems when I want to delete through the network in my multiplayer game an instance of a prefab.

    I can destroy with Network.Destroy() any object created sine the first second of the game…But when I instantiate I can’t delete ir as I made with the script used for the existent object since the start.

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong (the code caouldn’t be pasted correctly, sorry):


    Do you have a tutorial or a link of a tutorial where you can destroy an object in a BI-multiplayer game?.

    Any idea? I don’t know what else do…

    • Problem solved…

    how to shoot a gun UNITY

    • First you need a license. Get that and come back.

    we need more challenges and interaction scenarios. is the site dead?! ๐Ÿ™

    • see latest blog post!


    Great job on the site/tutorials.

    However, any chance of one on layers/layers masks?

    Thanks in advance

    • see latest blog post.


    Can you please make a tutorial about ‘Water Splash’ with particle effect or use something.


  • Hey, im liking the tutorials easy to follow and listen to. ๐Ÿ™‚ great work.

    *creating a Dead Space GUI http://cdn4.digitaltrends.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Dead-Space-2-Sprawl.jpg like how the health bar is on the characters back
    *creating quick time events
    *creating AI for a Third person game and creating AI that have different behaviours to things around them for example everyone is walking around normally and then the player kills someone and the people start running away from the play scared or something
    *how to blend into the NPC to avoid detections like in the assassins creed games
    *i would love to know who to make certain animations happen at certain times like in this example how the character gets the enemy bashes him into a wall and then bashes his head into a table http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ZYkj0glnqs#t=5m25s the other example is running to a window and jumping through the window to the other side and continue on playing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNgh5WiMbBM#t=3m40s

    would love to see how you do these or something similar to them and sorry if some of them are specific and hard or challenging to do or are really long to make scripting and tutorial wise.

    also keep up the good work. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • if the youtube links don’t go to the time that i want them the first link go to 5 mins and 25 sec and the second one 3 mins and 40 sec and also forgot to add http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNgh5WiMbBM#t=2m25s at 2 mins 25 sec for the blending into the crowd or NPC. ๐Ÿ™‚

    You should add more tutorials because your tutorials awesome.

  • Hi,

    Can you make some more modules with introduction to advanced concepts such as networking,etc and set some more challenges which challenge us to our potential so that we can use the knowledge gained by your modules to apply it properly?


  • Hey I’ve just come across this site and it is great. I didn’t read through all the comments so I don’t know if this has already been suggested but it would be really cool if there was like a forum setup here so people can give tips to each other and help everybody stay motivated and share their projects, etc. And like a way to register and setup an account so we can keep track of where we left off last time. Just some food for thought. Other than that, this website is great, keep it up!

  • we love the tutorials so much! esp. beginner + intermediate.

    Would you please provide more similar tutorials on these 2 categories ?
    Thank you !!!

  • Hi,

    I’ve been looking for a 2D Unity workflow and went with the really popular ‘2D Toolkit’ available on the Unity assets store. From what I can tell this is being pretty widely used (and frequently purchased)…

    The only problem is that the existing tutorials available for it (so far) aren’t very good. They don’t have a voice-over and they are hard to follow.

    It would be totally awesome to see a tutorial by you on setting up a basic 2D scene using this toolkit (and perhaps connecting an animated sprite to a controller and a GUI element).

    Great website and fantastic tutorials. Thanks!

  • Hi,

    Would be interesting if you add videos on some of the assets sold on the Unity AssetStore , how about GameDraw for Unity?


  • would like to suggest tutorials about Layers, how to use them?
    Thanks in advance!

  • i’m wanting to make a double door that animates and slides [not rotates] open when the player gets near it, and the door to then close again when the player steps away from it, would it be possible to make a tutorial on that?

    • that would be possible yes, but really all you need is to add a trigger collider to the parent gameobject, check when your player character is within that and then call the animator to play your opening animation.

    Videos are Awesome,Upload More Videos that we Can Do More…………………Thankyou

  • Hi Will

    Great stuff here, and I’ve enjoyed your live tutorials too.

    I’ve got a big project (bigger than my skillset) … and am looking for tutorials that cover optimizing, asset bundles, and project management / pipelines. Sort of a finishing school.

    Granted much of this is online, but usually deep within a game tutorial.

    My project is an Art Gallery and Education Space, and I deal with student work. So the challenges are many – Getting them to optimize their work, optimizing my own gallery – to support them. So its two related Challenges / Modules.

    Not all the challenges are bad, getting students to think beyond games – beyond a copying of reality is pretty rewarding ๐Ÿ™‚

    The gallery is here (if you are curious)


    PS – note this isn’t posted under Help (lol, its a big suggestion)

  • Hi! I am working on a game and am having a hard time wrapping my head around a turn-based game. I could do it with a million booleans or if statements, however know that there is a better way. Up to x number of players, plus keeping score for each player!

  • Hi Guys,

    This is amazing I really love this videos and challenges because they teach is a lot and well they are little chunks that can be applied to real games ๐Ÿ™‚ so yeah they are lovely, I suggest more challenges and well keep working on more modules ๐Ÿ˜€ so we can learn from you guys ๐Ÿ˜€ and also research!

  • Hello,

    firstly thanks for this awesome resource. I was wondering if it is still relevant to do your tutorials now with the current version of Unity, or will they be out of date?

    Thank you.

  • I’m having a hard time finding good info on using variables in other scripts.

  • Hello!

    After watching several tutorials I was able to create a small game (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.unityball.fettspielen if you want to check it out)

    After the thrilling(-.-) experience of actually publishing a game I would make the following suggestions for tutorials:

    *How do I make a UI that looks good on different screen sizes and not just one?
    *Exporting games with the right assets and images, signing stuff, etc…
    *Compression of images and sound: finding the middle ground between quality and performance
    *for mobile: manipulate the manifest and how to alter an Android project after exporting from Unity3D/ how do I work with damn XCode for iOS?

    I know from experience with creative work that starting and making a project gets you very high but the actual finishing process can be exhausting, so I think these tutorials would take a bit of *that* blow.

    Best regards,


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