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Modules Tagged ‘coding’

Platformer Progress bar

How to make a progress bar that tracks the player’s progress across a level in a 2D style platformer.

Beginner B28 – SendMessage() to Call External Functions

How to use SendMessage() to call functions in scripts attached to other objects.

Worms Style Power Bar

How to create a charging shot power bar akin to games such as Worms or R-type, holding a key to charge, release to fire.

Beginner B27 – Using Time.timeScale to Pause

How to Pause the game by implementing Time.timeScale.

Beginner B26 – Using Mathf.Clamp to restrict values

Using Mathf.Clamp function to restrict values in your game mechanics to within a specified range.

Beginner B25 – GUI Texture & Mouse Events

Using simple GUI Textures and Mouse Events to create interaction in Unity.

Beginner B24 – For Loops

How to use a For Loop in Unity javascript to repeat a set of instructions until a condition is met.

Beginner B22 – Pausing Scripts with WaitForSeconds()

Creating a pause in scripts using yield WaitForSeconds()

Beginner B20 – IF Statements and Booleans

How to use IF / ELSE statements to check the status of variables and booleans to act as a switch.