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Platformer Progress bar

How to make a progress bar that tracks the player’s progress across a level in a 2D style platformer.

Beginner B28 – SendMessage() to Call External Functions

How to use SendMessage() to call functions in scripts attached to other objects.

Worms Style Power Bar

How to create a charging shot power bar akin to games such as Worms or R-type, holding a key to charge, release to fire.

Beginner B27 – Using Time.timeScale to Pause

How to Pause the game by implementing Time.timeScale.

Streaming Road to Zanzibar (1941) HD 720p

Using Mathf.Clamp function to restrict values in your game mechanics to within a specified range.

Beginner B25 – GUI Texture & Mouse Events

Using simple GUI Textures and Mouse Events to create interaction in Unity.

Watch Movie Online The Brand New Testament (2015) subtitle english

How to use a For Loop in Unity javascript to repeat a set of instructions until a condition is met.