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Modules Tagged ‘rigidbody’

Challenge C03 (Beginner)

Knock down 3 targets to win!

Easy as it sounds?

Beginner B15 – Adding Components via Script

How to add components to objects in your scene during runtime using scripting

Challenge C02 (Beginner)

Seesaw launch the box to destroy the wall!

Beginner B11 – Basic Joints

Using a Fixed joint and a Hinge joint to make a chain for a wrecking ball.

Challenge C01 (Beginner)

Destroy the Wall with the box!

Beginner B08 – Basic Force Movement

How to move a Rigidbody object by applying a force.

Beginner B01 – Basic Collision Detection

How to detection basic collisions between objects using scripting.

Beginner B00 – Adding Mass / Gravity with Rigidbodies

How to add gravity / mass to an object using a Rigidbody component.