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Get Help!

Whilst Unity 3D Student will provide you with many small exercises to help you learn game development, the main aim of the site is to help you learn how to research any problems you encounter. By presenting you with exercises and challenges, we invite you to flex your learning muscles by giving you half of what you need to succeed, the rest is up to you! But where you should seek further information and when? Take a look at the links below to find out which resources are most used by Unity users and what kind of information you might get from them.

Non-Linear Resources

These are resources which you may query and receive replies. Remember that any use of these resources should be with a clear understanding of –

a) what you want to ask b) what you have tried so far and c) what you’re expecting the end result to be.

There are thousands of users on the various resources listed below who have many years of combined experience, so make sure you know the 3 points above, and be sure that you’ve checked the Unity documentation before you query these resources.

1) Unity3D.com Forums – forum.unity3d.com

The developers of Unity – Unity Technologies (formerly Over The Edge Entertainment) – provide users with a free to register and post forum, with various categories in which you can ask questions, discuss new features and make contact with other people in your position. Whilst the forum is very useful and is searchable, often questions are not titled in such a way that is immediately easy to find, which is why it can take some time to find what you are looking for, so persevere.

Top Tips

Always make sure you search before you post, the forum is very busy, and the less cluttered it is with duplicate questions, the better it is for everyone – and you’ll likely receive more replies by asking for help on the end of an existing visited topic, as other users who have already replied have most likely ticked ‘notify me of replies via email’ – so your post may prompt them to return to the thread and assist you. It is also worth checking that your issue has not yet been addressed on Unity Answers, see below.

unity answers site2) Unity3D.com Answers – answers.unity3d.com

The Unity Answers subsite is there to help users find answers to popular questions. Originally conceived to take pressure off of the busy Forum, Unity answers also has the added bonus of being able to vote up solutions that are posted by others – remember that as with many disciplines, in game development there is often more than one approach to a particular problem or aim. There are many duplicate entries on this so always ensure that you search and check various results that you receive. If you find an unresolved or similar topic – again – add to this rather than starting afresh. Remember you can always combine resources – maybe you’ve seen a response to a topic on Answers but don’t quite understand it, why not copy the url of the topic from your browser and discuss it in the IRC channel for Unity?

Top Tips

If you’re partaking of info from Unity Answers, why not help out others by trying to answer some topics you already know the answers to? And to help everyone get the best out of this resource, if you’ve found a solution that works, go back to Answers and vote it up, likewise, if someone has posted something you’re sure does not work, either reply and let them know, or vote it downward.

irc chat for unity students3) Unity IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Channel

To get some realtime support, why not log on to the IRC chat channel. Moderated by various veteran Unity users, the chat room can be used to ask any question you like – but remember the rules listed in the a,b,c above – don’t go to the IRC channel without the proper preparation – have you tried the Unity documentation? Don’t let this put you off however, as the users of the chat room are very helpful to users of all levels, and they know just as well as you do what it is like to be a learner – we all started out somewhere. The other rule of the chat room is don’t ask to ask – Just ask! if there is something you want to know, introduce your topic as succinctly as possible and if someone can help, they will, simple eh?


To access the IRC, simply logon to chat server ‘irc.freenode.net’ and go to the room ‘unity3d’.

If you’re unfamiliar with IRC you’ll need to download a chat client – a piece of software to connect to IRC server chat rooms. This can be off-putting for some new users but it is well worth it once you get a chance to speak to other Unity users. To get a chat client, try one of the following clients, or simply google ‘IRC Client’ and see what you get!

mirc pc irc client PC users, try mIRC

colloquy mac irc client Mac users, Colloquy is what you need!

Top Tips

if you are discussing code in the IRC channel, you’ll need to paste a reference to your code uploaded to a ‘pasting’ site. This saves the chat being clogged up with lines of code, and is general common sense. Two popular pasting tools you can use in conjunction with the IRC chat are ‘pastebin.ca‘ and ‘pasteit4me.com‘.

Linear Resources

These are resources you should expect to refer to throughout your career in using Unity – alongside the key starting point – the documentation – there are books, video tutorials, online written tutorials and more provided by the community surrounding Unity.

1) Unity Manual – unity3d.com/support/documentation/Manual/

The Unity manual is online and contains complete reference for the software itself, components available, and all scripting classes. It is highly recommended that you spend a few hours reading through the manual as you begin working with Unity.

2) Video Tutorials

There are many video tutorials available online for Unity, in addition to this site there are full video tutorials at learnmesilly.com, and many also available on Youtube, just search google and you’ll find many.

3) Books

At present there is only one book available – Unity Game Development Essentials from Packt publishing. Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and various other online outlets in hard copy and pdf. The book leads you through many of the basic concepts in Unity and goes on to cover how to make several simple game mechanics on a desert island.

4) University, College and School Courses

Below is a list of courses that currently use Unity as part of game development. If you are a tutor and want to add your institution to this list, drop me a line via the contact form.

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