unity 3d student


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    Seems to have a glitch.. unless the gentleman who emailed me 16 times really did keep pressing submit relentlessly! will take a look at it, was there something I could help you with?

    • I hope I’m not the gentlemen who pressed it 16 times. The little “sending” twirling arrows seemed to keep on twirling giving the impression the form was not sent.

      Is it working now? should I try and resend through this contact or would you like to contact me through email. Oh and maybe we should erase these messages. Good day.

      • Still a few bugs with the contact form – thing is, the arrows do keep circling but the form has worked almost immediately, so no need to keep clicking! IF you see these comments, this still applies, i’ll remove them once it’s fixed!

    I just wanted to express my admiration of your site, and to wish you further good luck with it. I hope there will be more to come, but even with its current content it’s a great reference for any novice trying to make sense of Unity3D.

    Particularly I like the whole concept of chopping up tutorials into their essential components. You don’t see that very often. And to really top it off you attach the relevant code-snippet at the bottom of each video, thus not forcing you to watch the video again when you’re reviewing some particular topic.

    I have your book “Unity Game Develpment Essentials”, and although an excellent book I think that you pedagogical talents are even better adopted to the video-format.

    Best wishes, Juan

  • Hi. I just want to say really big thank for this website. I am beginner in Unity3D and your tutorials are really helful. Scripts are finally giving me some sence. Keep writing 🙂 and sorry for my bad english.

    • Hi Ondrej, thanks for the comment, i’ll keep putting up as much content as I have time to for sure!

    Hey,Just Wanted to thank you alot guys!!
    you really helped me and im waiting for next lessons!!! XDD
    thank you very Much!

  • This is a brilliant idea for teaching that is very well executed. I look forward to the expansion of this sight. Are you taking any sort of donations?

  • Hello Will! A great site you have here! I’m reading through your book now and wanted to ask if you are planning on working on a revised edition for when Unity 3 is released?

    Keep up the great work!

    • Hi there! Yes that’s exactly what i’m working on at the moment. I’m making sure that a) its up to date and b) reflects even better value for money by throwing in a few more exercises into the mix. Glad you’re enjoying the site, thanks a lot for the comment 🙂

    Hello. I really love to contact you, but the form above is not working properly. After hitting “send” the arrows animation starts, but nothing happens 🙁 I would love if you could give me another mean to contact you. Thank you!

    • Hi Alberto, check your email! 🙂

    Hi Will

    I just want to say that I think you’re doing a great job with those tutorials.

    A tutorial request:

    How to make the 1st. controller accelerate foreward when a key is pressed and de-accelerate when another key is pressed.

    I think users, who wish to make a spacegame, would find this usefull.

    • Henrik – thanks for the comment – not sure what you mean about accelerating and decelerating, this is covered by using Forces usually on a rigidbody object – the physics engine means that things naturally slow down, and you could simply apply an opposing force to achieve deceleration if an object was already travelling forward.

    Love the tutorials, so helpful!!
    By far the best on the web for Unity.
    The challenges are a great idea and tie all the modules together perfectly!

    Thanks again for making such a challenging program so accessible and enjoyable.

  • hey can you send me all of the explains of example: Debug.Log like these? please i am the only user in Mongolia and i can’t understand well all.

    • Sorry Buva I just don’t understand what you’re asking, if you could rephrase I will try and help you.


    i am looking for a tutor..i am a student..

    i will provide 3ds max scene [its very basic n rough but enought for my demo learning project],avtar,animations,car..i just need to do these 3 things [help needed via proper tutorial]

    from a visitors prespective –

    when a visitor comes on the page,..

    1. he finds an avatar standing on the scene, he user arrows to move
    2.in the scene he finds vehicles, for demo now, only 1 car and 1 bike .. he goes near to vehicle, presses enter and starts driving it. press enter to stop and leave it.
    3. virtual traffic car,people in the scene
    4. when user clicks on object, an update to mysql table [just 4 connectivity with mysql]
    5. admin uses username/password [via webplayer] to add links to objects, so that on click a webpage opens

    we have made graphics ready, can any1 teach us these basics providing help docs.

    u can reply at ersaurabh101@gmail.com

    • Hi Saurabh, as I explained via email I cannot help with this, you’ll need to learn unity yourself like the rest of the community – also I think its really important for you to understand that what you’re asking here does not constitute ‘basics’ – getting in and driving a car in itself is a lot to comprehend, and you need to take time and have discipline to start by learning simpler concepts of Unity development before you progress too far. To be clear I am telling you this as I hear it a lot from new users – and don’t get me wrong I think ambition and excitement for the possibilities of the tool are great – but you need to keep perspective and not try and start ahead of what you know. Good luck with your learning.

    Will, do you have any example with connecting a database? I have to read a mssql server database, which has the x,y,z axis details and then I have to instantiate an object exactly in these points. If so, I’d really appreciate your assistance with this issue.

    Thanks in advance,


    • Dani, Yes I have an example about that I’m putting up soon actually, look out for it this week.

    Hello Will!

    I am really enjoying your site and the contents very helpful.

    Just for your information, I am a Brazilian programmer (delphi, .net) and now I have the oportunity to develop a 3D project and I’ve chosen unity as the main software to carry out it.

    I would like to make a blog just for 3D materials, specially unity, and I want to know if I could make a copy of your videos in portuguese and mention that they are based in yours in english.

    My intention is to propagate the unity software, materials, videos, your book, your site, well, try to make unity as friend as possible for Brazilian Developers.

    Well, that’s all.

    I will be waiting for your comments about.

    Thanks for your usual attention,


    dani ballester

  • Hey I don’t know if Will is going to care about me posting this. I hope it is ok. Just want tell for those you don’t know that projectMessiah the animation company is having an unbelievable deal on their product.


    their $499 version is only $10. and their $1195 pro version is $40.

    Again I hope Will doesn’t mind about this post I just would like to share this with those who visit this site.

  • I’ve been working on building a small island, somewhat similar to what you did in a video lesson not too long ago, but there are some things that are not working the way I want them to.

    I decided to create fireballs that would be launched into the sky and fall back down on the island in random positions. To do this I used the following code:

    var prefab : Transform;

    function Update()
    for (var i : int = 0; i < .01; i++) { Instantiate (prefab, Vector3(i * 2.0, 0, 0), Quaternion.identity); } } Is there a way to have the instantiating take place within a set amount of time rather than every frame. For instance, a new fireball is created every 2 seconds. Now the script does do what I tell it to do, launch the fireballs in random directions, but I cannot change where the fireballs are being created. It's always at the corner of the terrain. What am I missing? Thanks for any reply 🙂

  • Never mind my questions, I found the problems.

  • Sent message via the comment thingy at the very top of this page and I’m not sure if it properly sent as the loading symbol kept spinning.
    Anyway just incase here is the message i sent (Or atleast tried to):

    Hi, my name is Ryan Airth
    And i must say you have a great website here. Your tutorials are both informative and easily understandable.
    However there is a lack of tutorials.
    I know that it is time consuming and it doesn’t help if you do any side things but i would like more tutorials on a 2d platforming style game. The progress bar is great aswell as “Basic Translate Movement”, already with one tutorial i have the main core of my game. LOL. Anyway like i said, i would like to see more tutorials 2d platformer based. The Unity website tutorials don’t explain enough and i’ve looked at Tornado Twins and they don’t have the right kind of tutorials. Bloody hell this is a long message. Or if you know, could you point me to a website/s that have such tutorials. I’m a 15 year old wanting to make a fun 2.5D platformer running game.

  • Hi guys,

    I have very basic question . I want to develop vectors with magnitude and directions. I want to attach them with moving body. Is that possible ? Those vectors should be update as body moves. They are nothing but velocity and acceleration vectors.

    Please reply me . I need your help.

    Thank You

    • Yes? just make something a child object for it to have the same forces applied to it.. not sure what you’re asking here.

    Just wanted to say thanks for your time creating these video tutorials, I am now getting the hang of unity thanks to you.

    keep up the good work.



  • i whant to now is what cude you do for school that whant to start doing unity

    • could you do what?

    I thought for those trying to learn C# side of unity these two will definitely hit the mark… RPG Final Fantasy based vision..

    His videos show usage of coding first to get a structure and then as its in early stages (still 21 tutorials and growing) his teachings are far from the Corporate selling aspect but more like a personal teacher guiding you through things like Serialization, Items, potions, battle stages, etc too much to list but i guarantee you wont be disappointed.. did i mention he will make sure he replies to your issues… right theres a winner..

    On another note
    [Thomas Greener][2]
    Has a slightly different approach, but with the break down and 100% working code with the latest version of Unity, has captured a angle of coding and structure that allows you to Really interact with the two designer/coders.. but also is in the early stages of producing and im sure his productivity and his dedication to Also answer question about his work and adding things in a timely manner, this is one not to miss either..

    i will be posting work i completed from both sets.. and im just a knowledge bin learning and had NO prior knowledge before i went on my adventure with these two..

    Hope this helps the community..

    OzcorpsDesigns – aka Matt – ole school boyee learning new tricks

    [1]: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwWQXO0OiWY6iY03y0-QfHw
    [2]: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClKi0CtnQUm8wDVoaNykw7w

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