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Essentials E02 – Hierarchy panel

In this post we take a look at the Hierarchy panel, and how it is used to list and group objects in your active scene.

Shortcuts Used

  • F – when selecting an item in the Hierarchy, and hovering over the scene with the mouse, F will focus the Scene view on the item.

Further Reading

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    Great tutorials. Is that marble game level source available somewhere? I’d love to try it out.

    • Hi Brian, thanks for the message – the marble game was part of assets supplied to me by Unity Technologies to do some demos for Unity version 3.0 – see vimeo.com/unity3d, they may well make it available when the new version is released, keep an eye on unity3d.com

    • Brian, its part of the resources used to promote Unity 3.0 that I used on some of the videos I did for Unity Technologies (see vimeo.com/unity3d), so its copyright to them. I imagine they’ll release it as a demo once version 3 is released though, so look out for it there.

    […] Essentials E02 – Hierarchy panel […]

  • Hi, can you post a tutorial for active 3D stereoscopic please?

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