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Beginner B28 – SendMessage() to Call External Functions

How to use SendMessage() to call functions in scripts attached to other objects.

Beginner B27 – Using Time.timeScale to Pause

How to Pause the game by implementing Time.timeScale.

Beginner B26 – Using Mathf.Clamp to restrict values

Using Mathf.Clamp function to restrict values in your game mechanics to within a specified range.

Beginner B25 – GUI Texture & Mouse Events

Using simple GUI Textures and Mouse Events to create interaction in Unity.

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How to use a For Loop in Unity javascript to repeat a set of instructions until a condition is met.

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Creating a simple explosion using a particle system instantiated from a prefab.

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Creating a pause in scripts using yield WaitForSeconds()

Beginner B21 – Finding Distance with Vector3

Finding the distance between two points in 3D space using Vector3.Distance command

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How to use IF / ELSE statements to check the status of variables and booleans to act as a switch.

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How to use the Animation window in Unity and trigger script events.

Beginner B19 – Following with LookAt()

How to make objects rotate to face other objects using the Transform class’s LookAt function.

Intermediate I01 – Raycasting

How to detecting collisions using Rays by raycasting from objects in 3D space.

Beginner B18 – Local vs World Direction

How to distinguish between Local and World directions in scripting.

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How to find and adjust components on other objects.

Beginner B16 – Switching Scenes

How to write script that switches between scenes in your Unity project

Beginner B15 – Adding Components via Script

How to add components to objects in your scene during runtime using scripting

Beginner B14 – GUI Text and Counters

How to display information onscreen with GUI Text components and display a counting variable.

Beginner B13 – Trigger Collision Detection

How to detect collisions between objects invisible to the player by using intangible trigger colliders.

Essentials E09 – Cameras

How the game view is defined by cameras, positioning them and controlling them.

Beginner B12 – Input with Axes

How to use control with Arrow keys for left and right input axes.

Beginner B11 – Basic Joints

Using a Fixed joint and a Hinge joint to make a chain for a wrecking ball.

Essentials E08 – Lights

Light types, differences and ambient scene lighting.

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How to play sound with the Audio Source component, and call sound clips via scripting.

Beginner B09 – Adding Materials

How to add a texture to an object using a material.

Beginner B08 – Basic Force Movement

How to move a Rigidbody object by applying a force.

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Simple movement of objects using the transform.Translate command

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How to make a simple scripted timer in Unity using Time.deltaTime and a float variable.

Beginner B05 – Instantiate to Create Objects

How to create objects in your scene during runtime using Prefabs and the Instantiate() command.

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How to remove objects from scenes using the Destroy command.

Beginner B03 – Prefabs

Prefabs – How to make them, what they are for, and why!

Beginner B02 – Detecting Input

How to detect basic input using a script.

Beginner B01 – Basic Collision Detection

How to detection basic collisions between objects using scripting.

Beginner B00 – Adding Mass / Gravity with Rigidbodies

How to add gravity / mass to an object using a Rigidbody component.

Essentials E07 – Importing Assets

How to bring external assets into your Unity project via the interface or operating system.

Essentials E06 – Components

What are Components? what are they used for and more.

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Game Objects, what they are and how they should be used.

Essentials E04 – Project Panel

The Project panel, and how it lets you manage, organize and create assets.

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In this post we look at the Game view, where your game can be previewed / tested by pressing the Play button in Unity.

Essentials E02 – Hierarchy panel

In this post we take a look at the Hierarchy panel, and how it is used to list and group objects in your active scene.

Essentials E01 – Scene panel

In this post we take a look at the Scene panel – Unity’s main area for constructing your games.

Essentials E00 – Projects

The structure of a Unity project, its folders and where assets will be stored.