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Hello everyone!

Well it’s been a while since I posted anything new on Unity3DStudent.com. But still I am seeing thousands of new Unity users learn with the site every day, and I monitor it now and then. So what is going on? is the site closed, is the project over?! Not exactly.

My name is Will Goldstone, I created this site in 2010 as part of a Masters in education I was studying, and primarily to assist my students (I used to teach at a University in the UK). Before that I made a site called LearnMeSilly.com which featured some of the first ever Unity video tutorials outside of Unity itself. So I have a background in making video based training in Unity, and my passion is enabling people to make a videogame – and naturally I believe the best way to help them do this is to teach them Unity.

Since April 2011 I have been working at Unity Technologies, and have been working on various things in terms of training, evangelising and marketing (see the recent Ninja Camp coverage, London Unity Usergroups and past video exposes like the Flash preview, and Developer Profile videos).. It’s an awesome job, and I’m very lucky, but it’s taken time for me to set things in motion to return to my true passion – teaching the product.

Now I am gearing up to take what I began with this website to the Unity site itself.  Looking at unity3d.com today, you’ll see a very outdated support section which has not been touched in a few years – but don’t fear, we’re working to set that straight, and what you will see this year is an entirely new system, roughly based on Unity3Dstudent, but much larger, and with all kinds of other cool treats.

So I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has used this site, and continues to enjoy using Unity, and look out for the launch of the new Learn area of the official Unity site soon. Also – the sister site I run – LearnUnity3D.com – will be used to advertise any third party Unity tutorials I find, that we likely won’t list on the official site to avoid conflicts, but unofficially, keep your eyes there.

Til the new Unity learning content is ready, I hope this site helps many many more of you pickup Unity for the first time, and I wish you the best in your development career – this is just the beginning!

Cheers all.


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